Friday, February 24, 2012

Welcome To BAT-MANIA 2012

The Blog has been created and the stage has been set.

I want to welcome everyone to "Bat-Mania 2012."

Now what this Blog will be, exactly, is put best in these terms:

For the entire month of April 2012, I'm partaking on a 30 day interactive writing exhibition that spans across My personal Facebook profile, The Facebook page titled 'Chas Blankenship's 'Bat-Mania' 2012' and, most importantly, this Bat-Mania 2012 Blog.

If this were a museum exhibit, consider the Blog to be the main attraction with the Facebook connections acting as supplemental guides, footnotes, reference points, etc.

From his debut in the pages of Detective Comics #27 in 1939 to Christopher Nolan's upcoming feature film this July, this exhibition will be a nostalgic, exciting, fun, in-depth look at the 73 year history of Batman through Comic Books, Movies, Television, Animation, Music and Video Games with personal essays and reviews on every major facet.

Along the way there will also be Top 10/15/25/50 Lists ranking various aspects of the mythology including the Villains, favorite depictions of the Batmobile, favorite artists and writers, etc.

The closer we get to the beginning of the project, the more we'll delve into how it's meant to be displayed.


-- Chas Blankenship

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