Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bat-Computer Database: The Essential Batman Web Supplemental (Bibliography Part 3 of 3)

With the dawn of digital age, web masters, podcast hosts and bloggers have taken to the frontier of the internet in order to stake a claim with some incredible independent content. While it’s arguable that a majority of the web has fallen prey to mediocrity and ignorance at large with sweeping devotions to crude and poorly produced materials and nonsense, there are diamonds in the rough to be discovered once it becomes clear that the internet is a blank canvas waiting to become what you make of it.
And when it comes to a subject as fascinating and beloved as Batman, there’s no shortage of incredible and entertaining outlets spanning the depths of the internet.
So plug in and log on with these 5 incredible Batman related web sources, followed by a list of 10 more resources:


A wonderful podcast that’s both parts entertaining and informative, “Fatman on Batman” is a weekly Smodco show hosted by filmmaker, comic book writer and hardcore Batman fanatic Kevin Smith. Through his geek cred and contacts, Kevin brings on a host of guests all on the basis of speaking with those who’ve either been directly responsible for aiding in the legacy of the character or have had their lives forever touched by the dark knight detective and, very often, it’s a combination of both. Ranging from legendary comic book creators including Neal Adams, Jeph Loeb, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee to Batman media guests like Paul Dini, Kevin Conroy, Mark Hamill and Adam West, “Fatman on Batman” is an excellent insight into Batman through the lens, reverence and humor of a fellow Bat-Fan from the Jersey Burgs.


2: “Batman News” -


From casting announcements to comic reviews, “Batman News” is a premiere website for staying up to date with all things Batman in comics and all subsequent media.


3: “Legions of Gotham” -



Sub-titled as “The Premiere Batman Resource,” “Legions of Gotham” provides everything from an online timeline of Batman’s complete history to Message Boards for connecting to fellow Batman fans and stands as one of the strongest Batman fansites on the web.


4: “DC Comics – Batman” -



The official DC Comics page devoted to Batman. As good a place to start as any to get your online Batman fix under the watchful eye of DC’s current custodians.


5: “Batman-On-Film” -



Created by fellow Texan and Batman fan Bill “Jett” Ramey, “Batman-On-Film” was one of the first fansites devoted to Batman in non-comic media. While the website has since adopted discussion of the comics (you can find a link to on the home page), the page continues to focus on film and television efforts past, present and future.




6: “1966 Batfan” -



7: “66 Batman Message Board” -



8: “1989” -



9: “Bat-Blog” -



10: “Batman Fan” -



11: “The Batman Universe” -



12: “The Bat” -



13: “Brotherhood of the Bat” -



14: “Steve and Andy Meet Batman” -



15: “The World’s Finest Online” -



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